Orlando Ends Real-Time Facial Recognition Test

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6/27/18 Orlando, FL has ended a pilot program in which its police force used Amazon’s real-time facial recognition — a system called “Rekognition” that had triggered complaints from rights and privacy groups, NPR reports. Orlando’s deal to open part of its camera systems to Amazon was reported in May after the American Civil Liberties Union noticed that an Amazon Rekognition executive mentioned the city as a customer. On Monday, the ACLU of Florida wrote Mayor Buddy Dyer and the Orlando City Council, demanding that the city “immediately” shut down “any face surveillance deployment or use by city agencies and departments.”

On the same day, Orlando officials said the test of how its officers might use the Rekognition technology ended last week. The city added, “Staff continues to discuss and evaluate whether to recommend continuation of the pilot at a further date,” adding that “the contract with Amazon remains expired.” Orlando’s is believed to be the first police force in the US to try out a real-time facial recognition system; other agencies have used the software mainly to sift through crime scene images and compare the faces in them to mug shot photos. Orlando police say the test was limited to only a fraction of the city’s cameras, and that during the pilot, the department tested the system by tracking its own officers. The Rekognition deal with Orlando caused a stir. It prompted Amazon to issue a clarification about the level of engagement, after one of its executives described the program in a speech in South Korea. As criticism poured in over the idea that Orlando police could possibly use real-time facial analysis in public spaces without notice or debate, Amazon said, “It’s not correct that they’ve installed cameras all over the city…”

FBI offers $50,000 reward for info about suspected gang member accused in Ruskin murder
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6/29/18- TAMPA, FL (WFLA) - FBI agents hope a $50,000 reward will lead them to an armed and dangerous gang member who's wanted for a murder in Hillsborough County.
The Tampa FBI Field Office on Friday announced the reward in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Dennis Saint John Rodriguez, Jr., who's facing first degree murder charges in connection with the death of a Ruskin man in 2016.
Rayman Patramn disappeared from his Ruskin home, not far from I-75.  Although a body was never found, authorities believe he's dead and Rodriguez is responsible.
Detectives with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and possibly Tampa Police Department also want to question him about several other unsolved murders.
A federal arrest warrant was issued in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, on December 22, 2017, charging Rodriguez, Jr. with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.
"Our latest intelligence does show that he's in Mexico," said Andrea Aprea, an FBI spokeswoman based in Tampa.
Rodriguez, Jr. is possibly living in Celaya, about 170 miles northwest of Mexico City, and is working as a barber.
"We have evidence indicating that he may be assisted by some individuals here locally so we just want them to know the FBI does have this international

St. Pete police are warning residents about new neighborhood scam
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6/29/18 - ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) - The latest scam in the Tampa Bay area involves a flier left on your door.
St. Petersburg police are warning residents that someone is leaving door hangers and fliers on homes.
The fliers tell residents in English and Spanish, to call Bank of America (or another bank) and be ready to give your account number.
Police say this is a paper version of the phishing email scam.
"Your bank will not leave a hand-written notice on your door. If you have questions, call your bank branch directly. Do not call the number on the flier," police said.
There was no immediate word that anyone lost money from this latest attempt.
However, if you believe you have already lost funds after calling the number on the flier, please report it to the police department at 727-893-7780.

nEWS AND views

The FBI released this description of the suspect:
Date of Birth Used: March 28, 197
Place of Birth: New York
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 pounds
Sex: Male
Race: White (Hispanic)

Anyone with information concerning Rodriguez, Jr. should take no action themselves, but
should immediately contact the nearest FBI office. Individuals calling from outside of the United States should contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
The FBI's Tampa Field Office can be reached 24 hours a day at 813-253-1000.  Information may also be submitted to www.tips.fbi.gov.
All information can remain anonymous and confidentiality is guaranteed.

​​​G R A F F I T I 

M.O.S.T. does not care about persons who paint graffiti on a sanctioned wall with the owner's permission. However, we detest cowards who paint property without consent. That changes the classification from art to vandalism. However, the vandals will still try to justify what they do by claiming it's free expression. They often try to vilify those who oppose them by labeling them oppressors of that free expression. Meanwhile, those same vandals cause hundreds of dollars in damage, drive a businesses customers away and lower property values.
We often ask if a graffiti goon would still call it "art" if it was their property being defaced without permission.

Graffiti can also have a more serious meaning due to being gang related. Gangs can use graffiti to mark territory, advertise drug sales, mourn deceased members, announce alliances and issue threats. All the more reason to report and remove it immediately.

If you see tagging in progress dial 9 1 1

For recent graffiti in Orlando report it to (407) 254-GRAF (4723) or click HERE