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  You are the custodian of your own

  safety. "Where were the police?" is

  often said by the safety apathetic.

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Personal Safety Tips: Vehicle Safety

​By: M.O.S.T. Administrator

Be aware of your surroundings.

If you feel uneasy parking in a certain spot due to environment or bystanders, don’t park there. 

Lock doors. Roll up windows. Use alarm and yes, even the Club.

Never leave your keys in the car, even if you're only running inside for a few minutes.

Use a sunshade, even at night. Crooks prefer to see inside before a break in to assess contents and your security. Deprive them of that !

Ladies, crooks watch restaurant and other lots. If they don’t see you walking in with a strap on your shoulder, they know it means you left your purse in the car. They may have even seen you put it in the trunk. If you plan to do that, do it off-property. 

Use parking spots that are well lit and well traveled.  A well lit spot in a remote area of the lot is less favorable than a partially lit area close to the door. If possible, park under a camera. Remember that you may enter a place in daylight and exit at night. Break-ins also happen in broad daylight. Don’t let the sun lull you into a false sense of security.

If dining, ask for a seat with a window view of your vehicle. Not romantic, but neither is cleaning broken
glass off of the passenger seat.

The glow of the G.P.S. in your unattended car says “Steal Me” to crooks. Secure all valuables.

Crisis Mindset

By M.O.S.T. Administrator

You've come across countless stories about defending your body against the pandemic. But what about defending it against the criminal element?  Reality check: Crime is down across the state, but you can still be a victim if you let your guard down. Here are some tips to help make sure you stay safe during the crisis.

Don't get lazy about locking entry doors just because you're staying home.

Understand that leaving your garage door open unattended invites thievery.

Porch pirates are still active. Bring deliveries inside promptly (after disinfecting them). 

Be aware of who your kids are interacting with online, including video game players. 

Update your internet security. Run those scans. 

Now more than ever, unknown vehicles and people should not be on your street. Report suspicious activity.

A lockdown jogger should take the same precautions as a pre-crisis jogger. Stay on the beaten path.

Remember, earbuds and running with your head down are sensory depravation. Pay attention.

Beware door to door scammers.

Protect your wi-fi with a secure password. 

Kids are home more. Make sure firearms are locked up. A shoebox is not locked up.