As stated on the City of Orlando website; 'The mission of the Citizens’ Police Review Board is to be an independent, citizen-run oversight committee of the Orlando Police Department’s Internal Affairs and determine whether or not Internal Affairs has properly investigated cases brought to its attention. Additionally, the Board fulfills its mission by reviewing policies, procedures, rules, regulations and general or special orders pertaining to the use of force and police conduct toward citizens.'

Having attended some of the meetings, we can tell you that citizen attendance is extremely low. It's interesting how some people will trash talk police departments on social media, but when offered an opportunity to attend a review board in Orlando they're nowhere to be found. You don't have to speak. You could simply be an observer, learn about the process and spread the word. 

We challenge Orlando citizens to bring legitimate issues before the panel and to also quit stirring the pot when they blindly support unfounded claims of those who falsely accuse Orlando cops. 

The board meets 8:00am on the first Wednesday of every month at City Hall 400 S. Orange Ave, Orlando. Be on time ! Speaker request forms will be offered and must be submitted prior to the commencement of the meeting. You'll have 5 minutes to speak to the board.

Be sure to check the scheduling/agenda webpage in advance to confirm the meeting has not been cancelled, which seems to happen often. 

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The Power and Control Wheel is a clinically recognized tool demonstrating various methods abusers use to gain/maintain control. 

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