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When reading the flyer below, please remember the M.O.S.T. slogan of :
" ' Stop Snitching' is a lie told by cowards who fear losing control. YOU have the power ! "



The Black Guerilla Family criminal organization recently crossed the line from gang to domestic terrorists when they threatened to engage New York Police at Precinct based shoot-outs. Here's some B.G.F. background.

Black Guerilla Family
Courtesy FL Dept of Corrections


Black Guerrilla Family (BGF)
Gender Makeup: Male
Racial Makeup: Black

Origin: Founded in 1966 at San Quentin State Prison, California by former Black Panther member George L. Jackson.

•The BGF is the most politically oriented of the major prison gangs.
•They were formed as a Marxist/Maoist/Leninist revolutionary organization with these goals: ◦Eradicate racism
◦Struggle to maintain dignity in prison
◦Overthrow the United States government

•The group is extremely antigovernment and anti-official. This mentality is often depicted in their symbolism.
•BGF has a very strict death oath that requires a life pledge of loyalty to the group.

•Antigovernment/anti-official mentality is often depicted in conjunction with the initials BGF.
•Cross sabers and shotgun
•Black dragon overtaking a prison or prison tower

•Aryan Brotherhood
•Texas Syndicate
•Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
•Mexican Mafia

•Has a very active working relationship with La Nuestra Familia.
•Other allies ◦Black Liberation Army
◦Symbionese Liberation Army
◦Weather Underground
◦black street gangs

•Black street gangs are often utilized by the BGF and their members are heavily recruited into the BGF. These include: ◦Crips
◦El Rukns
◦Black Gangster Disciples
◦other black street gangs

Recruitment / Initiation: 
•Membership in the BGF has traditionally come from black male inmates.
•Lifelong allegiance is a requirement and a death oath must be taken.
•Black street gang members are often recruited into the BGF upon imprisonment.

Propensity for Disruptive Behavior: 
•The BGF is not readily recognizable in the Florida Department of Corrections; however the history of the group and documented acts of violence in other jurisdictions warrants their certification as a Security Threat Group.
•Receipt of inmates on interstate compact lend to the potential threat of an organizing BGF within our facilities.

The anti-government, anti-official mentality promoted by the group poses a serious threat to corrections and law enforcement personnel who represent the government and the law.


The Animalistic Nature of Lowlifes


The phrase 'It's a jungle out there' is indeed accurate. Our outdoor environment is comprised of friendly creatures, and predators. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid becoming the prey. As in the wild, being aware of your surroundings is more than half of the battle. You see, lowlifes do not want to engage someone who provides them a challenge They want the most distracted, weak, and high value targets they can acquire. Here are some tips to make yourself less of a target.

Keep your head up and your senses tuned in. If you are looking down at your cell while listening to I-Heart Radio,that's your sight and hearing compromised and you've raised your target potential. It is a psychological truth that a criminal is less likely to attack someone who is making eye contact with them, although they may still attack. This will also help you to provide a better description to police should you become a victim.

Don't advertise what a great target you would be. Count your money behind closed doors, not walking downtown. Don't display your phone needlessly. Also remember that at night your in-use cell phone advertises your exact position to those who may be lying in wait.

Have a plan. Know the shortest distance between two destinations and walk with purpose. This includes making a mental, or physical, note ahead of time as to where you parked. A lost person can be spotted easily. The person approaching you to help you find your way could be sincere when they say you look lost and they want to help, or it could be a pretext to get closer to you for an attack. If you knew where you were going you would reduce the likelihood of being approached at all.

Stand and fight until it's time to run. This will be hard for some of you to believe, but we're being brutally honest here. If a criminal tries to get you to go with them to another location/enter a vehicle or face the consequences, it is better to stand and fight where you are than to comply. That lowlife wants you elsewhere because where you are makes them nervous. It's either too public for them, too close to where they live or too far from their cohorts location. It is better to get shot then and there with the hope of being heard/seen/discovered,/assisted than being driven to the deep woods where nobody will know you are being eliminated. Lowlifes know this principle. Embrace it as equally as they do.

Understand the realities of violence. Many are freaked out by the sight of their own blood in a fight. It's a psychological trigger for mortality and you don't necessarily have a chance to see how badly you are bleeding. Until you can find out, stay calm. Maintain your breathing. You'll want that breath to call for help if you need to.Common folks get gassed out quickly in a fight and ,unlike television, many fights go to the ground in the first minute. Prepare yourself for the possibility of getting grounded. Maintain your breathing, stay focused. Don't panic over any blood. Flee if you can, but be very cautious about fully turning your back to a attacker. 

Don't typecast. While you want to avoid situations and characters that make you feel uncomfortable, the 220lb kid you're worried about with the Insane Clown Posse shirt and ear gauges may not be the threat. It could just as easily be the polo shirt ,khaki pants 40 year old you're about to encounter. 


We do not care about persons who paint graffiti on a sanctioned wall with the owner's permission. However, we detest cowards who paint property without consent. That changes the classification from art to vandalism. However, the vandals will still try to justify what they do by claiming it's free expression. They often try to vilify those who oppose them by labeling them oppressors of that free expression. Meanwhile, those same vandals cause hundreds of dollars in damage, drive a businesses customers away and lower property values.
We often ask if a graffiti goon would still call it "art" if it was their property being defaced without permission.

Graffiti can also have a more serious meaning due to being gang related. Gangs can use graffiti to mark territory,advertise drug sales, mourn deceased members, announce alliances and issue threats. All the more reason to report and remove it immediately.

If you see tagging in progress dial 9 1 1

For recent graffiti in Orlando report it to (407) 254-GRAF (4723) or click HERE

For recent Orange County graffiti dial 3 1 1. You may also report it on the free app OCFL 311

M.O.S.T. strongly advises you to remove tags immediately after they get documented by law enforcement. We feel it is bad advice for anyone to advise you to leave the tags up a week or two to prevent retaliation. Letting tags remain sends a message of tolerance, lowers the property value for both you and your neighbors and can drive away your customers or potential property buyers. Not to mention that each day you look at the tag is a reminder of how your property was violated. Who needs that kind of aggravation ?