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Predator/Offender Searches & Alerts
Florida Department of Law Enforcement offers resources

The F.D.L.E. database contains public record information on offenders classified as sexual predators and sexual offenders under Florida law because of a conviction for a sex-related crime and/or a specified crime against children. This information is made available to interested citizens to help them educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities. The placement of information about an offender in the F.D.L.E.database is not intended to indicate that any judgment has been made about the level of risk a particular offender may present to others. This information is made available to assist interested persons in forming their own risk assessments based on the offender's personal circumstances and conviction history. Click HERE to get to the main page.

You can use the F.D.L.E. web site to subscribe for an e-mail alert in the event that an offender or predator moves close to any address in Florida you choose to monitor. For example, your home, workplace, school, daycare, etc.You can also subscribe to receive an e-mail alert in the event that the offender or predator reports updated address information in the registry. To get started, click HERE

GameStop Armed Robbery  O.P.D. Case 2014-294881

On 07/15/14, at approximately 2:15 p.m. a male suspect entered the Game Stop located at 1884 S.Semoran Blvd. The suspect approached the counter, displayed a handgun, demanded money and a gaming console. The suspect obtained an undisclosed amount of money and a Play Station Vita gaming console.

He ran out of the store to a waiting vehicle. The suspect is described as possibly Hispanic, in his late 20’s and the vehicle model year is believed to be 2005-08, silver Nissan Murano.
If anyone has any information about this case should call CrimeLine (800)423-TIPS or the Orlando Police Department (321)235-5300



On Friday, 7/11/14, the depicted suspect knocked on the door of a female resident at the Affinity Apartments in Winter Park. When the woman answered the door, the suspect forced his was in,armed with a box-cutter. Th suspect rape the survivor and then left.  
Please take a good look at the composite sketch.

Hispanic male who spoke English but with a Spanish accent.
Late 30's to early 40's
5'08 to 5'09
165 to 175 lbs
Very light complexion
Dark hair
Last seen wearing a red t-shirt

If anyone has any information about this case should call CrimeLine (800)423-TIPS _________________________________________________________________________________________


Criminals want you distracted and vulnerable. Consider how both apply to unloading your shopping cart. You're back is turned to the public while you are trying to find a good spot in your vehicle to place items. Also, your thought process may be more concerned about your coupons and next destination rather than your own safety. Please consider using our safe-unload method.

Simply position your cart at a 45 degree angle to the edge of your open door. Form a triangle whose sides consist of the cart, your door, and your vehicle. You'll be in the middle.. That way, you're protected on all sides while you unload and can retreat into the interior of your vehicle through the open door if you have to. Once your bags are no longer a distraction, you'll be able to move the cart with more of a focus on your surroundings more. Stay safe !


We do not care about persons who paint graffiti on a sanctioned wall with the owner's permission. However, we detest cowards who paint property without consent. That changes the classification from art to vandalism. However, the vandals will still try to justify what they do by claiming it's free expression. They often try to vilify those who oppose them by labeling them oppressors of that free expression. Meanwhile, those same vandals cause hundreds of dollars in damage, drive a businesses customers away and lower property values.
We often ask if a graffiti goon would still call it "art" if it was their property being defaced without permission.

Graffiti can also have a more serious meaning due to being gang related. Gangs can use graffiti to mark territory,advertise drug sales, mourn deceased members, announce alliances and issue threats. All the more reason to report and remove it immediately.

If you see tagging in progress dial 9 1 1

For recent graffiti in Orlando report it to (407) 254-GRAF (4723) or click HERE

For recent Orange County graffiti dial 3 1 1. You may also report it on the free app OCFL 311

M.O.S.T. strongly advises you to remove tags immediately after they get documented by law enforcement. We feel it is bad advice for anyone to advise you to leave the tags up a week or two to prevent retaliation. Letting tags remain sends a message of tolerance, lowers the property value for both you and your neighbors and can drive away your customers or potential property buyers. Not to mention that each day you look at the tag is a reminder of how your property was violated. Who needs that kind of aggravation ?